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Snowmelt System Repair

Update 4/3/19

Snowmelt system functioning as expected for the duration of heavy spring. 

Update 11/22/18

All zones are maintaining a consistent pressurization and PSI has been out repeatedly to bleed air from the lines. The next big snowfall will reveal if the defects system have been adequately addressed. 

Update 6/22/18

Efforts continue with excavation of the second leak found adjacent to the initial leak. Parts are on order and once reinstalled we will pressure test the main line continue to test the remaining system.

Both leaks failed at unions of the snowmelt piping. With over one hundred such unions spread throughout the system it is logical to assume more will continue to fail with the passing of time. The ruptures found thus far were identified by leakage into a mechanical room upon pressurizing the system. Were the breach of a union to occur far from a telltale opening it would likely require a lot of time and digging to determine its location. 

Update 6/20/18

A second leak has been identified in the snowmelt system near Building C. Excavation and repair will require access to the garage to be shut this afternoon between 12pm-4pm. 



Update 5/17/18

PSI conducted excavation work outside of the Building C mechanical room and found a substantial breach in the glycol line, significant enough to account for the 100 gallons of glycol we've been losing annually for years. This has been repaired and the system is now being tested again to ensure there exist no secondary leaks. 


Update 5/8/18

PSI will conduct hydro-excavating on May 14th (Monday) to repair the glycol leak. During this process a large truck will block the driveway and no vehicles will have access to the garage. After this is completed PSI will repressurize the system and determine if there are any additional leaks. 

Update 4/30/18: 


Excavation begins today to repair the leak, after which the system will be tested again to make sure this breach was the only fault in the system. 

Update 4/25/18:

Testing continues. Project scheduled for completion 4/27/18. 


Testing continues: 




Update 4/16/18: 

PSI Plumbing will be working on property April 16/17 to further explore the source(s) of the glycol leakage. 




Snowmelt system leak has been detected by the previous management company from visual loss of glycol from the feeder in Building “C” and certain areas of the system not melting properly. There has been a helium test to pinpoint the leak that came back inconclusive. For the moment the snowmelt system is maintaining pressure with the glycol feeder shutdown and one zone shut down.


Once Vail Mountain closes for the season we have scheduled PSI to pressure test each zone throughout the entire snowmelt system and identify the zones that have an immediate pressure drop. When all of the leaks are identified will have the stone pavers/hardscape pulled up to replace the effect loops in the system. After all repairs are completed we will have all landscaping, stone pavers and hardscape reinstalled.

Scope of work:

Determine location of the leak. Perform all necessary repairs. Repair/Replace any stone pavers and/or hardscape as needed.

Capital or Annual/Routine Maintenance:

Capital Project

Reserve Study Life Expectancy:

The snowmelt system zones will need to be monitored on an annual basis before each winter season. There is not a definitive answer on life expectancy on these zones, as another section of the system may fail over time.


Year warranty on all material and workmanship

Project schedule & Updates:

Pressure testing and all necessary repairs are to begin once Vail Mountain closes for the season.


  • Pressure Test
  • Identify leak(s)
  • Remove stone pavers/hardscape
  • Make necessary repairs
  • Reinstall stone pavers/hardscape and any effect landscaping