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Rental Rules

Rental Policy

Applicable to all owners at the Village Center Association


In order to protect the quiet enjoyment entitled to each Owner per the Village Center Association Bylaws, the following rental policy has been put into place. It is applicable to all Owners, and supplements all other rules in the Village Center Association:


  1. Any Owner of a Unit in the Village Center (VC) may rent their Unit, provided that such Unit is rented in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including rules and regulations promulgated by the Village Center Association. A Unit is rented if the Owner receives anything of value in exchange for allowing a non-owner to stay in, or use the Unit.


  1. Any and all rentals of Units in the Village Center are required to be managed by, and rented through, an approved Rental Management Company. A list of approved Rental Management Companies is available to all Owners through the Managing Agent.


  1. Each Rental Management Company or the Owner, shall complete a Rental Notification Form completely and correctly for each rental of a Unit. The Rental Notification Form is available from the Managing Agent. The Rental Notification Form must be returned to the Managing Agent no later than 24 hours before occupancy by any renter. Non-receipt of the form results in a fine to the Owner of the Unit being rented (Exhibit 2).


  1. All renters must be physically met on the Condominium Project (sometimes hereinafter referred to as the “Village Center Premises”) at the time of their check-in and assisted to their Unit by a Rental Management Company representative. Virtual or remote meetings of renters on arrival are not allowed. Keys and parking passes (as applicable) are to be given personally to the renter by a Rental Management Company representative and are not to be mailed to the renter prior to check-in. If there is no rental agent to meet the renter on the Village Center Premises a $250 fine will be assessed to the Owner of the Unit being rented.


  1. All renters must be shown and explained the features of the Unit (such as operation of the fireplace, heat system, barbeque, etc.) and Common Element areas (opening the pool area gate, trash receptacles, ingress and egress to the garage etc.) by a Rental Management Company representative on the Village Center Premises.


  1. Prior to the representative of the Rental Management Company leaving after meeting and checking-in a renter, the renter(s) must be provided with a list of the Village Center Association rules and regulations.


  1. Rental Management Companies are responsible for renter questions and issues within the Unit and the Common Element areas and cannot transfer responsibility of responding to said questions and issues to the Managing Agent. The Board of Directors must approve the Rental Management Companies allowed to represent Units for rent in the Village Center. The Board of Directors may remove a Rental Management Company from the list of approved Rental Management Companies at any time. If an Owner rents a Unit without using an approved Rental Management Company, then the Unit Owner will be subject to fines (see process and fines in Exhibit 2).


  1. Any rule violations by renters or Rental Management Companies will be subject to the attached fine schedule. The Unit Owner will be responsible for the payment of the fines. This rule supplements all other rules addressing the imposition of fines, and does not supplant them.



(All references to fines in these rules refer to possible fines that may be imposed, following the procedure established by law and the Association.)


Approved Rental Agents:

Rental Management Companies

East West Hospitality                                            (970) 790-3168

Vail Home Rentals                                                 (970) 949-1565

Gore Creek Properties                                           (970) 479-2858

Vail Realty                                                            (970) 476-8800

The Lodge at Vail                                                  (970) 754-7813

Reach Destinations                                                (970) 949-1993

Rent Vail                                                               (303) 740-2288

Invited Home                                                         (970) 409-1602